RetailPAC Direct

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NRF’s RetailPACDirect giving program allows all retail advocates from across the country to engage with lawmakers who support the retail industry. By participating in NRF’s RetailPACDirect Giving Program, you can directly contribute to NRF’s Congressional Retail Champions and your local lawmaker. You do not have to be a RetailPAC member or a NRF member to participate. 

What is the difference between the direct giving program and RetailPAC?
RetailPAC is an NRF member only benefit program. The PAC offers exclusive events for NRF members to directly share their voice to Congress, whereas NRF’s Direct Giving Program is easily accessible to anyone who wants to be involved! The direct giving program is a way to immediately show your personal support for your Member of Congress with a click of a button! If you have already given to RetailPAC, this is an additional way to show your support for political candidates!
How much can I contribute to the Direct Giving Program?
No amount is too small! You can give anywhere from $5 to the individual contribution limit of $2900 per candidate.
Will the Member or Political Candidate know I gave a personal Contribution?
Yes! All Members and political candidates will receive a report of NRF Direct Giving Contributors.
Why is the Direct Giving Program important?
NRF’s Direct Giving Program is an important advocacy tool to elevate our political influence as a retail industry. We must invest in lawmakers who support pro-growth, pro-business, and pro-retail policies. The Direct Giving program allows retailers to collectively invest in retail congressional champions.